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About us

Elevator Parts, S.L. is a company dedicated to the supply of elevator replacement, elevators and escalators.

This service is only offered to professionals associated with the elevator sector and that have their activity properly regulated.

Every equipment or product is purchased to the corresponding suppliers. In the event that the product is no longer available in the portfolio, being reconditioned or sold as “Offers”, customer will be advised prior to the order placement in the product card section of the website.

Elevator Parts, S.L. counts with professionals from the elevator, specialized in the production and supply of elevator pieces, with a well- recognized activity with over 80 years of experience.

We offer high quality products and services. We appreciate that you communicate any situation that was not favorable to you so that you can help us to improve.

You can contact our Customer Service at


or by phone +34 902 108 252 or +34 622 228 096.

You can also contact 

Elevator Parts, S.L.

Mogoda, 20

08210-Barberà del Vallés

Barcelona (Spain)

+34 902 108 252

+34 622 228 096

International Manager

Xavier Boada

Xavier Boada

Rua Tibúrcio Cavalcante 1020, Ap. 904

60125-100 Meireles, Fortaleza – CE


Skype: xavier.boada.elevatorparts